The reasons for the underlying root cause of cancer has not received enough attention. The root causes are long-term bad diet an stress. So in order to be cancer free good diet and stress handling are absolute essentials.

The good nutrition solution doesn’t mean just getting good food, but involves a strict dietary regime called ‘metabolic nutritional therapy’ which contributes to both immune system building and detoxification. Couple this with stress handling; outlook on life looking at thoughts, feelings, emotions… avoidance of environmental toxicity and exercise then a cancer cured person could well be the result of this cancer fighting strategy.

What exactly are the nutritional qualities of a cancer fighting diet?

Good food contains a whole host of vitamins and enzymes. The food’s vitamins and enzymes should not have been killed or denatured (lose their structure and therefore have no ability to take part in metabolism) through overheating or deep freezing, is pesticide free and other chemicals and can be a certain type which can kill off cancer or act as a detox.. Cancer fighting food should be natural, labelled organic, have high fiber to help bowel movement and be whole.

Examples would therefore include: A high supply of salads: organic fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, with vitamin and mineral supplements. Food that produces an alkaline ash residue when absorbed into the body is highly recommended. So is food rich in vitamin B17 like almonds and apricot kernels. Vitamin B17 has an involvement in destroying the cancer cells by interfering with their metabolic pathway. The list is not a total one and it is the job of the individual to do further research…

The cancer fighting diet means staying well away from processed or junk food: Food with high salt or sugar content or with nasty trans-fats, or chemicals, all having very little or next to nothing in terms of vitamin and enzyme content. Taking around a couple of liters of water per day is also needed to beat or prevent cancer. Remember, many people develop diseases such as cancer due to long term consumption of the above junk foods and a lack of drinking water.

Unfortunately, because doctors have an allegiance to the medical/pharmaceutical and had received very little nutrition training in medical school they don’t know very much about the above crucial factors. The pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money on the dietary approach so little is said on the subject of using metabolic nutritional therapy…

The cancer fighting diet involves a dedicated approach. It requires the changing of habits and compulsions, the things that may well have had an involvement in the result of cancer. So a mapped out plan of how a healthier lifestyle through simple gradual changes over time can be achieved is highly recommended.