Ovarian Cancer

The ovaries are one of the essential reproductive organs of female reproductive system that yields eggs. Ovarian cancer is a cancerous growth that begins from ovaries. This is of the most typical female disease. The most dangerous type of cancer for female since it leads to more death as opposed to other reproductive types of cancer.

It is found out that most of the ovarian cancers develop from the surface of ovary and in some cases it also discovered that it arises from the surface of fallopian tube. As the tubes and ovaries are very close together so this is also considered ovarian cancer. Again this cancer could arise from the egg cells.

Causes and Risks of ovarian cancer
What is the real reason for ovarian cancer is mysterious. However the risk of ovarian cancer is lower for the woman having more children and also the woman who carries baby earlier in life. Once again some genetic imperfections are also the cause of ovarian cancer. However, the woman going through breast cancer in her own household or personal history of cancer of the breast is more vulnerable to ovarian cancer. The woman who is taking estrogen over five year is extremely susceptible to ovarian cancer. It is discovered over the study that birth control pills and fertility drugs reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Again the use of combined oral contraceptive pill is also a protective factor to ovarian cancer. Women are much safe from being affected by ovarian cancer when they have fallopian tube blocked surgically. The women of senior years are remarkably vulnerable to ovarian cancer.

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

The signs of ovarian cancer are difficult to ascertain by the sufferer as the symptoms don’t emerge with obvious sign. So the existence of ovarian cancer will not show any extreme symptoms where one can think that she has to consult with her doctor. At the time when cancer is diagnosed the tumor by now spreads beyond the ovary. So one has to be more conscious of the primary signs which are often overlooked by the individuals and results in critical attack of cancer. The signs which are observed often in case of ovarian cancer are listed here-

1. Difficulty in eating, for which a patient cannot eat comfortably.

2. Ovarian cancer is among the causes of abnormal menstrual cycle.

3. Unexpected pain that occurs in numerous parts of body like back pain, abdominal pain, pelvic pain etc.

4. Irregular bleeding in vagina and urinary blockage.

5. Uncontrolled loss of weight.

6. Various digestive problems like gastric, vomiting tendency, lack of digestion etc.


Physical is usually used for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The surgical treatments involves the blockage of fallopian tubes, elimination of uterus physically, removing of several tissues and lymph nodes exist in abdomen and pelvis. After the surgery chemotherapy is given to eliminate the cancer cells. This is also used if the cancer returns to the patient after surgery. Radiation therapy is another way of treatment which is used much rarely.

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