Are generic drugs just as safe/effective as name brand drugs?

We all get sick, and we all go to the doctor. Sometimes our illnesses and conditions require that the doctor we see write a prescription for us so that we can get additional medical treatment through medication only the pharmacy can give us. When we get to the pharmcay, the pharmacist may as if they can substitute a generic drug instead of the brand name drug.

What do you say? Do you know the real difference between generic drugs and brand name drugs? What is the real difference between the two?

Quite simply, the main difference between generic drugs and brand name drugs is the price. That’s it. Generic drugs are FDA approved and maintain the same standard of quality as brand name drugs as they are put through numerous tests that check everything about the drug. They contain the same type of active ingredients and work exactly the same.

What about buying prescriptions online? If if were possible to buy generic prescriptions online, instead of having to go to the pharmacy, would you? There are benefits to buying generic drugs online.

Convenience. Buying generic drugs online saves you the trip to the pharmacy. For those who continually have to have prescriptions filled and refilled either weekly or monthly, and buying generic drugs online saves so much hassle.

Price. Buying your generic drugs online saves you money. Not only will you get your generic prescription drugs at a greatly reduced price, but, you are more than likely be eligible to enroll in any discount programs to save you even more money.

Privacy. Buying your generic drugs online from the privacy of your home saves you from ordering and reordering your medications in front of anyone else.

So, we highly recommend considering generic versions of medications and purchasing them online for the most savings possible!