Somatic consulting & structural energywork

Somatic Consulting™ & Structural Energywork ™

A mind/body consultancy that brings optimal function, efficiency, and ease into your body, life, and business.

Massage & Bodywork • Yoga • Energywork

Life Coaching • Wellness & Lifestyle Consulting • Business Consulting

Committed to providing the highest caliber service, facilitating your evolution, enhancing your life experience..

and through you – that of those around you.

Vitality is not merely feeling good, nor having exuberant energy. Vitality comes through the skin, through our posture, and may be the primary quality people respond to (or not) when they are around us. We are naturally attracted to a beautiful flower, not because of its colors or shape, but because of how authentically and courageously it is expressing its life force. For any being to embue that quality indicates to an observer what that being is radiating outward, while being a reminder of what is possible, and what is true for all creatures.

• Enhanced Performance & Capacity

• Emotional Release & Balancing

• Trauma Resolution

• Personal Growth 

• Life Transition 

• Business Development

Prosperity is the presence of abundance, energy, freedom, and fulfillment in one’s life. These arise out of a spirit of harmony, allowing, trust, and gratitude. When one aspect of ourselves is out of balance, or experiencing limitation, it effects all others. When we bring about inner harmony, tranquility, serenity – a well of energy and synchrony resounds within us, and the effect can be felt, seen, and made evident through our every gesture, expression, and relation. This effect can transform lives, relationships, and the whole of our experience individually and collectively.

To be present is perhaps the key to living a life full of joy and celebration. Presence implies being present to oneself, one’s inner impulses, waves, perceptions – while simultaneously being present to what is in the world around us – the communications, gestures, and subtleties expressed through the people and situations in our life. Easeful presence allows a greater intimacy and awareness of self and other, and an access to the ways we create the dynamics within and around us.

There are times in life, when it feels like we’re going in circles..

Sometimes it feels we’ve hit up against a wall..

“The the outer situation is always a reflection of the collective inner situation” – Peace Pilgrim

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