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Why professional translation service is preferred over machine translation

The global world today has become more and more connected so as the need for genuine translation services. Translation has become an important element of international business and the need for worthy translation services will continue to increase. The reason is that if you are helming any business across continental boundaries especially with cultures other than your own then you will definitely need to create an operational, accurate piece of translated text from your language into those which you are targeting.

Machine translations such as Google Translate service cannot match the effectiveness of human a  certified translation services because “machines cannot install emotions inside the text”. On the other hand, native translators can provide the actual essence and understanding of the original text. As a result, the end results are up-to-the-mark and usually of high quality. When it comes to translate cultures, machine acceptable quality can only give the basic idea of what the text is trying to explain but it cannot pick up the core & essence of the language. For instance, one word of English language can have more than one meanings depending upon how the word is being utilized in a sentence. Machines are not that much effective to pick this up as compared to the humans.
Similarly, humans may not be quick as machines but they are able to accurately translate the inherent cultures along with nuances and context of the language. Machines are not able to translate the passions and thoughts with the audience in this way. Machines cannot provide you with a truly workable translation with emotions and feelings as this can only be accomplished by humans.
Whether it comes to document translation or websites, the efficacy and value on internet highway truly depends on what you are looking for from your words. If you are using a machine to get the gist of blog written in a foreign language then yes, machine translation services will probably be good enough to give you the sense of the subject matter. But in case, if you need a truly workable translation service you need to bite the bullet and go for a professional native translator to get the job done. Certified translation services will provide the text that makes much sense when being read. The reason is that sentence formation across different languages is totally different and only human translators are able to identify this. Moreover, if you depend on machines for the legal translation such as terms and conditions, disclaimers, privacy policy, product descriptions, advertising, and financial documents, then you may end up with legal repercussions and financial disaster both.
The good news is that there is no shortage of professional translators who understand the complexities of culture and language. At the same time, do your own research to make sure that you are in safe hands of an experienced translator. No matter the reason behind your need, when it comes to spending money for a translation, humans are always preferred as compared to machines.

Youtube is the one of the largest website to have tons of videos uploaded by various people from different countries. When you are playing a youtube video on your android mobile phone through your browser or from the default youtube application you aren’t provided an option to download them.In this tutorial let me explain you how to download a youtube videos on any android phones.

Download Youtube Videos on Android Phones

For this purpose, we are going to use an android application called as Tubemate video downloader. There are several other android video downloading applications to download youtube videos but they won’t work every time, Tubemate is the best among all. You cannot get this application from play store i suppose and so you can download it for free from here  Download Tubemate video downloader. The file size is around 1.60 MB and will get downloaded within a minute.

Steps to Download Youtube Video on Android Phones

  • ⦁ Open Tubemate which you had just downloaded now.
  • ⦁ Click on the search icon and search for the video you want to download and click on it.
  • ⦁ Click on the green arrow at the bottom of the software.
  • ⦁ Now you will be provided with two options. One is to download and the other one to watch the video.
  • ⦁ Click on the download button.
  • ⦁ Select the resolution and type of the video and check your notification bar.The youtube video will be downloaded quickly.

Now you have learned how to download a youtube videos on android phones with the help of tubemate video downloader. If you are facing any problems regarding this tutorial then you could make your comments below.If you have acquired something useful from this article then share the love by sharing this article.

A mysterious smartphone of Samsung which is codded as Samsung SM G7102 early in the morning spotted at FCC. The unannounced smartphone Samsung SM G7102 tomorrow has passed many tests at FCC technology labs were Samsung SM G7102 passed all the tests very easily. Samsung SM G7102 seems to be a low end android smartphone, Samsung SM G7102 will launch in the market very soon according to FCC details but they officially they didn’t shown any information related to Samsung SM G7102′s price and availability.

The folks of phonearena first of all spotted the FCC listing which tells that official name of Samsung SM G7102 is still not announced but after making some tests they will surely reveal its name. Nobody can speculate the goal of Korean giant but anyone can clearly say that Samsung is trying to target the emerging Dual SIM android markets, which mainly includes India and Europe.

Leaked Specifications of Samsung SM G7102 are limited but it gives a clue that it is a bundle of all high class features in this class.

 Samsung SM G7102 Specs

Samsung SM G7102 specs includes a 5.2 Inch touch screen with semi HD resolution of 720 by 1280 pixels and high pixels density of 321 pixels per inch.

The iddle range smartphone will run on 4.3 jelly bean android operating system and probably it will support you a 1 GB of RAM.

There are no words about camera of Samsung SM G7102 but we noticed that it has a HD pixels screen so it might boast a 5 mega pixels camera with LED flash light and autofocus feature.

Processing chip set features of this upcomig smartphone are not revealed but surely it will be a owner of  high power processing chipset processor.

Dell has won thousands of hearts with their amazing products and are yet again innovating newer devices to amaze their consumers. Why not, they have built world class quality products that are long lasting and work amazingly well. Laptops with clean and impressive designs are their forte and have achieved mastery in it.
Dell Inspiron 15 R 5520 is the latest entry in sleek laptops. You can say that this is a great all-rounder. A laptop needs to work well in all directions. People need every aspect to be neat if not perfect. The laptop does give a great first impression and comes out with flying colors, when it concerns   looks as well as performance.

Display and built
Talking about the very first thing, that is displayed, it is good and black is not a total AMOLED display as you would like, however it is decent and you will enjoy the movies and videos. The screen is a beautiful 15.6 inch display panel and is somehow adapted from the previous version. The resolution found were 1366 x 768 pixels and is up to the standard resolutions in all laptops. Although you may think that nothing is exciting here, it definitely does not disappoint you. It relies heavily on the integrated graphics processor that is the highlight of the laptop. The Ivy Bridge processor has imbibed with it the Intel HD graphics 4000, which means it has not passed out on its 3000 version, but can be seen on low cost laptops.

You can also purchase SWETCH lids that are available in different colors. So go ahead and change the rear if you are bored of the same color. Of course you will have to pay extra for the lid.

Check out the laptop

Dell Inspiron 15 R 5520 is a 3rd generation device that seems to be unchanged from the 2nd generation. However, you do see the latest Ivy Bridge processor. One of the advantages of IVY Bride chips is the integrated graphics. Integrated in it is the Core i5 – 310M dual core processor. Here you will be benefited with power savings and has enhanced integrated graphics. Besides, the Hyper Threading provides neat handling of multitasking increased due to the addition of 6 GB of DDR3 memory. It does have a 500 GB of hard drive and definitely gives you more space for plenty of things. However, you will find decreased speed of 5400rpm.

The Inspiron has been equipped with Skype for video chatting, McAfee Anti Virus etc. Games on the Inspiron 15R is rather lower in performance of just 20fps. So do not expect more in this aspect. The hardware comprises of four USB 3.0 ports, VGA video outputs, SD card holder, gigabit Ethernet, WI-Fi, 3.5 mm line in/out and the HDMI port.

Working on the laptop is quite nice. There is no awkwardness while working or no uncomfortable keys. It has the standard isolated key layout and not a numeric keypad. There are some keys on the right hand side like that in the 14 inch models. However, there can be a little flex, which is definitely not attractive. But, there is no complaint regarding the trackpad as it is large and provides accurate performance.
Dell laptop comes with a six cell battery pack and provides around 48 WHr capacity. This is a decent battery life and can also be seen with most of the laptops of this range.

Connectivity and communication
You will find a higher version of connectivity here. The Bluetooth version is v4. 0 which means faster data transfer and connectivity. WI-Fi is also available.

Are you going to buy Samsung Galaxy Trend but you are fully confused about how this smartphone is in its performance. So now don’t get tensed because in this review post we are going to have a deep look on the specification and features of Galaxy Trend. The Samsung Galaxy Trend comes in two option i.e. Samsung Galaxy Trend single SIM and Galaxy Trend Dous which supports 2 GSM brand operating frequencies SIM.

Samsung Galaxy Trend

Before making a review lets have a look on all the main features of Samsung Galaxy Trend.

  • It has 4.0 inch screen with VGA resolution of 480 by 800 pixels.
  • Samsung Galaxy Trend is powered by a 1 GHz dual core processor and a powerful 512 MB RAM.
  • 4 GB internal storage.
  • 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System.
  • 3 mega pixels main camera and no front facing camera.
  • Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, GPS, USB V2.0 are main connectivity features of new galaxy trend.

Body Features and Appearance

The 4 inch Samsung Galaxy Trend has very sleek body design and it easily fits into palm of its users. Users don’t need to hold smartphone with both hands to type a text they can easily type a long text with single hand. The curvy body design of Samsung Galaxy Trend makes its looks more attractive and it has a sing key which works as home button and two other touch based keys.

On the head of Samsung Galaxy Trend it has audio headset jack and at the bottom USB port is well placed which can be used for both purpose as to charging or to transfer data by connecting it to pc.

On the right side it has power or lock button and at left side volume rocker buttons are present.

Under the back cover of Samsung Galaxy Trend there is a powerfull battery and a SD cad slot with 2 GSM sim card slots in  duos version.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Camera

Galaxy Trend is having only a single camera which is placed centre of the handset at the backside and speakers lies just right to the camera. The 3 mega pixels camera of galaxy trend is not so bad without a LED flash light because company employees did a great job as they provides some few picture capturing modes. Capturing images with galaxy trend is not so hazardous it takes few minutes to capture any image and within few seconds it automatically get saved in gallery.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Experience

Galaxy Trend comes with a 1 GHz dual core CPU and 512 MB RAM although its not best combination because it lags most of the time when multiple application usages got high but Samsung galaxy trend doesn’t give a single lag on normal usage. The Smartphone runs on 4.1.2 jelly bean android operating system with standard touchwiz UI and gives very impressive application loading time.

Galaxy Trend Gaming Experience

We tried to play many games on this device by running few of benchmark tests and we also played some of HD resolution games [ The Dead Trigger ] and this game impressed us very much.

Galaxy Trend Battery

Under the back cover it has a 1,500 mAh battery which has best stamina at this price range, battery offers handsome hours of talk time and stand by time as it doesn’t dry up quickly when playing games, you tube videos, internet.

Final Words

At price range of Rs 8,000 Galaxy trend is a worth to money smartphone it worked very well even after torturing it in its hard condition’s. In short we can say that dealing with galaxy trend is a best option to buy it never make you disappoint in any situation.

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