What can a plastic surgeon do for you?

Plastic surgery is a medical branch that deals with the restoration and / or forms and functions of different parts of the body. It includes several types of hand surgery, microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. The word “plastic” is used in the sense of compression or part of the body.

A plastic surgeon is the person in the performance of different techniques of plastic surgery is formed. looks with the awareness of people is about plastic surgery is a rage in most people. It is a popular practice to remove the imperfections and the effects of physical aging of a person.

In this paper, we are some of the most popular plastic surgery that are practiced in these days to discuss.

Breast augmentation – is the process of enlargement of the breasts through the placement of artificial implants behind each breast. Breast enlargement involves the use of implants (silicone case) under the breast and fill the bag with salt water. This gives a fuller, her breasts look, improves the contour and improve the division.

Breast lift – mastopexy, known more commonly known as breast lift, is a variety of surgical methods designed to reshape or lift the breasts of a woman. It is also helpful to move the nipple and areola. This is done through incisions under the breast to the areola and the base of the chest. This method removes excess skin, reduces the size of the areola and is a breast.

Eyelid surgery – blepharoplasty is also Blaspharoplasty the surgical alteration of the eyelid. This method still allows the excess fat and skin and strengthen the muscles and tendons surrounding free. It is through cuts, making the outside lines of the skin around the eyelids. A simultaneous method of skin resurfacing Outer could be performed using a chemical peel. This helps in faster recovery.

Facelift – Rhytidectomy technically known as a facelift is a surgical procedure, a youthful appearance gives an individual face. This is the removal of excess skin. This method is useful, always remove the loose skin folds around the neck and cheeks. It is skin incisions.

facial implants – These are useful in improving many features of a face. A plastic surgeon can aesthetically improve facial contours through facial implants. The most common types of facial implants include implants lower jaw, cheek implants, chin implants and sinus implant.

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