Old havana furniture company

e are the Old Havana Furniture Company & Art Gallery. It is our intention to educate the Cuban-American society on our diverse, colorful history and design background – not to mention the writers, poets, musicians and sculptors that have inspired us. We are the generation that has lived only with the memory of a free Cuba – a Cuba where it was safe to say and do whatever it was that moved you. It was these thoughts that prompted us to start this company. Since I, as an artist, think along these lines I felt that I should do everything in my power to showcase our culture, our love of the arts and the wonderful and gifted artists who have lived in exile for so many years. I want to show my generation what a beautiful place our parents and grandparents lived in, and how they lived, which brings me to the furniture part of our business. Our ancestors had such exquisite styles of furniture, it was as though the sky, the oceans, and the majestic mountains of our country were all incorporated into them. It was as if God himself had styled them.

We at the Old Havana Furniture Company would like to introduce other Latin American artists who have that same passion and love of the arts that we do. It is with the utmost pride and joy that we introduce you to these wonderful people, their works of art, and our line of fine Cuban furniture reproductions. We hope that you will visit our showroom and see what’s been kept secret for so long-the beauty of Cuba and all the Latin American countries.

Old Havana Furniture Company & Art Gallery is also for my father, who inspired me with his unrelenting love of his country and his culture. May he see through my eyes and heart what was kept from him for so long.

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