3 product launch scenarios require similar preparation

1. Established companies releasing new products or services instinctively know to involve all departments for the many items requiring attention and preparation. If their past results were disappointing, then changes need to be made so the next opportunity is more rewarding.

However, two other situations frequently get treated with less comprehensive readiness:

2. Established firms releasing updates to current offerings often under-estimate what’s required to reach the potential sales they intend to get. The outcome is a weak market response despite the time and resources the firm invested to define and develop their deliverable.

3. Unless well funded, startups will typically be under-staffed for their initial launch. They may be missing a marketing leader or an experienced sales executive. It’s understandable that budgets can prevent hiring full-time managers for all areas of the business. Nevertheless, it does not remove the need for knowledge in these functional areas to be integrated with the rest of planning and implementation efforts.

Whether it’s your firm’s first product or fifth, a new service or an upgraded offering, be thorough in your preparations and implementation. You do have some flexibility – you can add expertise through full-time, interim or part-time hiring.

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