Rockfire capital notes increased levels of investment in the uk economy

A useful indicator as to the strength of a nation’s economy is the extent to which it is able to attract investment from abroad. Recent data from UK Trade and Investment suggests that the UK is increasingly regarded as an attractive destination for foreign investors. A report from the agency showed that almost 1,800 projects in the UK were set up thanks to foreign investment. This represents a 14% increase on the previous year. As a consequence of this, it is estimated that more than 66,000 jobs were created in the UK. The report suggests that 20% of foreign investment into the EU is bound for the UK.

Rockfire CapitalLooking at the global picture, the UK was second only to the US in terms of levels of foreign investment received. It came ahead of France, Hong Kong and China. The Prime Minister, David Cameron reiterated what he said was the Government’s commitment to drumming up trade, encouraging investment and helping to generate jobs. More than 50% of investment from abroad was in infrastructure schemes and energy projects according to the report. Notable examples of projects that had got off the ground with the benefit of foreign investment included London Array wind farm in Kent, Hinkley Point Power Station in Somerset and Royal Albert Docks in London.

For those individuals looking for effective ways of investing in UK business, it is worth considering what is available in the way of investment products from a reputable investment management firm. Rockfire Capital is a good example of one such business. For basic information about the company, including a list of directors and details of its Registered Office Address, there are various Rockfire Capital company information sites available to view online. For more detailed information about the organisation, including its areas of specialism, the Rockfire Investment Management website is also highly informative.

Part of the work carried out by the business includes offering investment products across major asset classes – with a special focus on the renewables niche. This London-based company has a varied client base, including private clients, institutions, professional advisors and charities. The company has an active involvement in the UK Enterprise Investment Scheme, the Government’s initiative to foster growth in up and coming companies by offering investors a series of attractive tax incentives.

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