Creating a blog – simple methods to get traffic to your website convert your traffic into sales

By Vitesh Bhola

 Making sales without having traffic to your website is impossible. But why is it so difficult to get good traffic to your website. We do not only want traffic, website owners need good and targeted traffic to their websites in order to boost their sales. In this module I will give you some free methods to drive traffic to your website.

Use Google For Search Engine Optimization.

The first thing you need to do when you have a website is search engine optimization. It means that your website is selling a product for example: posters about the super bowl. Your website has to contain keywords that are relevant to the product you are selling. You need to do this because Google will index it. When Google spiders are indexing pages, they are using the keywords on your website. That is how Google can determinate what keyword rank your page has. Search engine optimization will get your page listed in Google and the best of all is that it is for free.

Web 2.0 Platforms.

Web 2.0 is the new way to

attract people to your website. Sites like blogger are coming up like mushrooms and very popular. The public likes to surf on web2.0 platforms because it is easy and simple. Go to blogger and create a blog about your product or your niche. The next step is to frequently update your blog with quality articles about your product our niche and then put a link to your website. If you do this every day for 30 days, you will generate quality targeted traffic from your blogs to your website. Depending on your landing page you can convert your traffic into sales.

Fast Traffic Costs Money.

The fastest and most easy way to get traffic to your website is to buy traffic. Buying traffic from a traffic supplier is fast and easy. But is it reliable ? There is a lot of competition out there. When you go looking for traffic please review the traffic suppliers very good. There are enough review sites on the internet that talk about getting traffic to your website using traffic suppliers.

I personally do not buy traffic. I use YouTube to drive fast traffic to my website if I need that. YouTube is a traffic bomb and will increase visitors to your website by 50% if you do it right. Do not spam on YouTube though, you will get banned and your website will get blacklisted.

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