Whole new light with lypo-encapsulation vitamin c

Whole New Light With Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C

The common name for water-soluble vitamin is antioxidant, but there square measure different “mineral ascorbate” forms like metal associated atomic number 12 ascorbate that square measure water-soluble vitamin within the non acidic kind of an basic salt. despite what kind of water-soluble vitamin is employed, it’s the ascorbate particle gift all told forms that contains the nutrition activity. What the general public don’t understand water-soluble vitamin is that humans and variety of different animals like guinea pigs, fruit bats, and primates, that don’t synthesize  water-soluble vitamin owing to a missing accelerator, thereby creating lypo encapsulation vitamin c a necessary part of their diet. while not water-soluble vitamin these species, as well as humans, die of scurvy.

The Hope for higher Health for everybody

It has been found that the advantages of water-soluble vitamin embody preventing and reversing occlusive vascular unwellness reducing your possibilities of getting heart issues and stopping the advancement of some sorts of cancer. Another study has found that those with high blood levels will cut back their risk of mortality by up to five hundredth simply by taking water-soluble vitamin. Lypo-Spheric water-soluble vitamin, the foremost potent and bio-available kind of ascorbic acid: Improves and protects cell membranes,detoxifies the body of significant metals, could kill cancer cells at high concentrations, contains a sturdy impact in preventing and shortening the period of the respiratory illness, will management and inactivate infective agent infections.

The health generating power of Lypo-Spheric water-soluble vitamin may stop and reverse low grade scurvy referred to as occlusive cardiovacular unwellness, disembarrass the mouth of pyorrhea, improve blood flow and circulation, improve liver and urinary organ operate, stop stroke, improve exocrine gland operate, improve heart operate, boost immunity, and improve memory, sexual desire and sexual operate.

But what’s the right quantity of water-soluble vitamin required to stay the Body Healthy?

The amount of water-soluble vitamin that almost all mammals synthesize is five,400 mg daily and even a lot of once the animal is stressed. Goats will turn out up to one hundred,000 mg once exposed to significant toxins and pathogens! so, there’s discussion over whether or not humans need water-soluble vitamin in a lot of larger amounts than the tiny vitamin-like U.S. counseled Daily Allowance (200 mg. daily). The unrefuted Dynamic Flow Theory theorized by professors Hickey and Roberts concludes that optimum blood levels of of water-soluble vitamin are often maintained by taking a minimum of five hundred mg of antioxidant each four hours. to create the case even stronger for supporting the intake of larger doses of water-soluble vitamin, knowledge currently suggests that only 1 tenth to 1 twentieth of the antioxidant taken orally is really bio-available.

There square measure variety of how folks will get their C as well as intake foods that contain it like citrus fruits, strawberries, brocolli, and drinking fruit juices. Then there square measure the various sorts and makes of over-the-counter pills, powders, and liquids you’ll be able to take. the matter with taking these kinds of water-soluble vitamin in larger doses is that they sometimes cause viscus distress like gas, cramps, and symptom, so creating high serum levels tough if not not possible to get and maintain. thus what are you able to do to induce the water-soluble vitamin your body wants while not suffering the sick effects of taking a few of pills fourfold a day?

Along Comes the “Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Sphere

Liposomal Encapsulation Technology provides an ideal manner for antioxidant to achieve the cells of your body with the assistance of liposomes. the first reason LET is thus effective is that it provides a method of delivering the water-soluble vitamin to the liver during a pure, unoxidized and pure state wherever it’s then dispursed directly into the bloodstream! Delivery of water-soluble vitamin encapsulated during a vesicle via the liver is posited because the Optimum water-soluble vitamin Delivery System.

More Bio-Available Nutrients Delivered Into Your System

So what precisely square measure Liposomes, or Lypo-spheres as they’re conjointly referred to as, and the way will they have an effect on your body? “Smart” Lyposomal Nano-Spheres square measure little essential lipoid “bubbles’ that encapsulate a selected nutrient(s) like water-soluble vitamin. Liposomes square measure soundproof to organic process juices and shield their valuable contents from aerobic degredation whereas protective your lower G.I. tract — thus, no viscus upset or diarrhoetic flushing impact. They quickly navigate the channel wherever they’re instantly absorbed by the tiny viscus and transported to the liver.

It is wonderful what types of results square measure being found with Lypo orbicular water-soluble vitamin. Recent trials have found that Lypos-Spheric water-soluble vitamin is capable of manufacturing serum levels that square measure virtually double what was thought to be the utmost level possible. to offer you a concept of however potent and effective this product is, you’d need to swallow thirty two (500mg) tablets or a lot of to induce a two gram dose into the blood. On the opposite hand, it solely takes two uni-dose packets of Lypo-Spheric C to offer you the complete two,000 mg dose….its that easy and its that effective.

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