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Istanbul will still remain a must visit city in the world for many tourists and travelers, Istanbul is the largest of all the cities in Turkey, it constitute the center of almost everything from the best attraction, economic hub of Turkey, historical and all-encompassing city of its kind, they are too many attractions in Istanbul city to be explored, it will depend on an individual’s taste on where to visit and what to see in this city, it is a home of several good hotels, many historical sites to view and marvel at are all found, travelers will find this big city to be a haven of activities and good things to sample.

Basilica Cistern:
1. Is a very spectacular sight depicting an upside down Medusa’ s head, historically the Thrace was assumed to have brought the water drinking culture in Istanbul, the statue brings about that symbolic memory of the preceding events during that period of time.
2. The 6th century cistern is today a statue where lights and music is installed; the original purpose was long forgotten.
3. It was constructed by the Byzantine; the Medusa head is a remembrance of Roman songs or relics.

1. One of the architectural master piece 6th century church, built by the Byzantine in that time, it was a very spacious church of its kind.
2. The usage of the building was changed to mosque a long that period; it’s now a very huge museum where many visitors tour to view its interiors.
3. Well decorated galleries are to be found here in both its upper chamber and lower section; many artifacts are found here which are well preserved.
4. Early tombs of Sultans and their sons who were killed are also some of the sights to view here, the entrance cost $7.

Topkapi Palace:
1. This well preserved unique pyramidal peaked buildings were a residence of many sultans and their spouses, it was for a generation of such rulers and their families who stayed here.
2. They were enclosed in a place known as Harem; this collection of green canopy quarters is a scene to behold just next to Marmara water front sea.
3. Harem refers to well-constructed family residence build in a panoramic design just at the shores of Marmara.
4. Entrance is charged at about 7 sterling pound, it’s doors are open to public on Tuesdays through Sunday between 9am to 5pm.

AyasofyaHurrem Sultan:
1. It was an Ottoman time bathhouse of its time, many visitors flock here to do ritual bathing in this steamy place.
2. It has recently opened its door to public such that visitors can come and enjoy the steam bathing here; it’s a relaxing experience for many visitors.
3. The bath house was designed for the Ayasofya Sultan’s wife known as Rexelana in the 16th century.

Blue Mosque:
1. Just a few minutes’ drive from AyaSofya is this magnificent mosque, it’s blue to this time round.
2. This 17th century master piece is considered one of the remaining of its kind with minarets to boast six in number.
3. Sultan’s tomb is within here, Ahmed offered his title and name to the mosque and the community, entrance is via a side entrance then straight to his tomb which is a small mosque, then get to the entire mosque.
4. it’s welcoming to view during Islamic prayer times normally five times a day.

There are many picturesque sights to behold for every tourist in this vast city, several hotels and cafes to sample continental dishes which is ideal for any kind of visitor, there are too many attractions to exhaust including the ”Galata towers”, ”Chora church”, and several others, nice places to shop and enjoy plus many beaches around here, apply for a turkish entry visa and start your journey to this magnificent city.

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