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Integrative Psychotherapy

In this culture, psychotherapy serves as a container for our human experience, filled with the very thoughts, feelings, sensations, and breaths that make us human. Our lives are filled with incredible pressures and stresses to not only survive, but to live a life filled with meaning. We are asked to organize and negotiate the complex inner workings of our internal experience and then navigate its inevitable change. There comes a time when our own abilities to traverse these landscapes become stalled, dulled, or reach a dramatic crisis. Psychotherapy lies at the center of this vital crossroads to support and guide you on your path.

An integrative psychotherapy must look at more than our personal stories. An integrative psychotherapy weaves together the pulses and breaths of the body, the mysteries of the heart, the processes and movements of the mind, and the strength and silence of spirit. Piecing together these dimensions of the human experience offers us a holistic opportunity for deep and long-lasting transformation. The therapeutic relationship created between therapist and client becomes the center of such personal transformation, from which the client can learn to accept and honor his or her own human experience.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, my work weaves together both eastern and western psychologies with more traditional cognitive/behavioral models and experiential somatic-based techniques. This integrative approach uses mindfulness to examine how we suffer and how we find freedom from our suffering. In addition to talk therapy, our work may include therapeutic touch, movement, or work with the breath. Together, we work to co-create the right conditions for awakening what has fallen asleep and calming what has grown unruly. This allows us to uncover the life skills and resources both within us and around us to support and sustain growth within the therapeutic process. Please call for a free phone consultation to see if this path is the right one for you. My psychotherapy private practice is located in my beautiful Corte Madera office.

My practice consists of individuals, adolescents, and families.

I work extensively with issues such as:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Grief/Bereavement
– Spiritual issues
– Body Image
– Self-esteem/Inner critic
– Anger Management
– Relationship/Marital issues
– Stress Management
– Trauma Resolution

If you have been struggling with any of these issues or have any questions about my work, please contact me for a free telephone consultation: 415-577-5338

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