Sda to ___________?


Today, I took the first step towards that [or something like it]. For the first time in my twenty-three years of age, I attended a Sunday church (*dun dun dun*), a Church of Latter Day Saints.
Why this church to begin with, there’s numerous reasons that I might expand on later, but one of the primary reasons is David and I have been studying some of their teachings in depth while deciding if it is a religion we can agree on. After today’s service [they call it sacrament, what?!], all in all, it was a pleasant experience but I walked away with a lot of questions. I’m still not sure this is a religion we will settle on, but it’s definitely given me some insight to what type of church I’d like to attend.

I’m comforting myself knowing that I’m not the first person to ever struggle with religion or finding some sort of comfort in a religion- I believe most people of the Bible struggled withi this, as well. However, it is quite the scary experience. I’m just happy beyond estatic (!!) that I have David with me as we experience this newness together.

Perhaps you have thought about trying a new church or changed religions before? It is a bit bizarre, but I hope to find a bit more security and welcoming atmosphere than what I’ve experienced so far in my spiritual pursuits.

I hope your weekend/Sunday was restful and relaxing.

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