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Health check-up at your Place

South India Health Care provides ideal solution for home health check-up services. We have several packages which you can select. Just one phone call and you can avail of selected healthcare services at your doorstep. Senior citizens, persons with disabilities, generalized weakness & those who are sick and unable to visit the center can avail this facility. Doing home health check-ups just becomes easier for them.

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For Home health check-ups, you just have to give a call at our centre or notify us through e-mail your Full Name, Address and Contact Number along with the list of tests required. Our centre personnel will guide you for proper test preparation if required.

Our technician will reach at your home at your given desired time. As per the tests requisite, the technician will draw the required quantity of samples, which are then brought to our center for further processing. Reports can be downloaded at the convenience of your home from our website. Just provide your email-id to our technician and we will send you your username and password.



:: Buy CIALIS :: What causes erectile dysfunction?

What is erectile dysfunction?

There are several ways in which impotence can show itself but one of the more obvious is erectile dysfunction (ED). In this case, the man is either unable to produce an erection when stimulated or, having produced an erection, then loses it before sexual intercourse is complete.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

ED can be a symptom of serious physical injuries or disease, e.g. diabetes or heart disease, so it’s always worth having a doctor check you over to make sure none of the most dangerous possibilities apply to you. The other more common cause is a side effect from other drugs you are taking. If these are eliminated, this leaves psychological issues which are usually resolved by taking cialis – there is nothing better at restoring self-confidence.

How does cialis work?

Imagine a light switch. You turn the light on. Flip the switch and darkness follows. So when a “healthy” man is sexually stimulated, the brain sends a chemical message to the arteries leading into the penis. This allows an excess of blood to flood inside where it’s absorbed by some tissue that acts like a sponge. As it swells, this tissue presses against the veins that take blood out of the penis, reducing the outflow. The result is an erection. When sexual stimulation ends, the brain sends another chemical message to close off the supply of new blood. The erection fades as the blood drains out of the sponge. But suppose the “end” message is sent at the wrong time. Now the erection may fail altogether or fail early. Cialis allows a natural response to the sexual stimulation and stops this second message from turning off the erection until you have finished.

With cialis, you can either take it as needed, giving yourself up to 36 hours of response, or go on to the once-daily regime. Either way, your performance is back to normal.


Home Nursing | Wesley Pharmacy & Associated Pharmacies

Home Nursing Services

Home Nursing

The Wesley Pharmacy home health care team has provided Brisbane’s premier acute nursing care to patients in the comfort of their own home for over 30 years.

In many cases the availability of hospital in the home services may allow you to be discharged early from hospital and receive acute nursing care in the comfort and safety of your own home and the support of your family and friends.


What is it?

Hospital in the home is the delivery of hospital level care in the home instead of hospital. For suitable patients, there are likely to be clinical and social benefits to this style of care.  Most patients who have received hospital in the home treatment prefer it to in-hospital treatment.

To assist you in your recovery, nursing staff will coordinate your care to provide ongoing individualised care as you continue to recover.  Nursing staff are available 24 hours a day including public holidays to assist you with your needs.

Most of our patients require intravenous antibiotic therapy or advanced wound care.  We also provide basic wound care; administer blood transfusions and assist with palliative care.

What actually happens?

Our nurses will visit you at home at a scheduled time.  The frequency of visits depends on the nature of your treatment, but this is usually once a day.  At each visit the nurse will provide the care as directed by your doctor.

In the case of patients receiving intravenous antibiotic therapy, the nurse will reprogram the computerised drug infusion pump, flush the infusion line and attach a new bag of medicine to it. (Our pharmacists prepare these infusion bags in our state of the art sterile compounding facility.) The nurse will also inspect the intravenous access point and perform tests to confirm that the drug infusion pump is working properly.

In the case of advanced wound care, the nurse will tend to the wound, check any dressings and replace dressings as appropriate.

What are the benefits?

  • Your recovery takes place in the comfort of your own home in the company of family and friends.
  • The risk of an illness caused by medication error is significantly reduced.
  • Research has shown that recovery and treatment outcomes are improved after leaving the hospital environment.
  • Hospital in the Home Nursing Care reduces the risk of hospital acquired infections.

Am I suitable for hospital in the home?

The decision as to whether you are suitable for hospital in the home is made by your attending doctor in consultation with you and your carer (if applicable).

In this assessment your Doctor will consider your home environment, telephone access, family support and your suitability to receive acute nursing care at home.

What’s next?

  • Discuss your suitability for acute nursing care in your home
  • If suitable Your  Doctor will liaise with the ward staff to commence your discharge process
  • The discharge planning staff will obtain funding approvals (where applicable), medication orders and prepare an individualised care plan including your discharge date.
  • After completion the plan is forwarded to The Wesley Home Health Care Team

Your nursing care team has a wealth of experience and knowledge in delivering acute individualised care in the home setting.  Rest assured that our highly trained and caring team of pharmacists, nurses and support staff will coordinate with your doctor to ensure you are looked after as well as possible.

Simple Strategies to Lose Weight and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

If you have gained a lot of weight and you haven’t noticed it until now, well, it isn’t too late to lose weight. There are many ways to cut down on weight, there are many tips that you can follow, and there are people who can help you do it. Weight loss can be considered as one of the primary health concerns of many people today.

First of all, why do you have to lose weight? Maybe because you simply want to look slim – because you’re already tired of having a bulky body frame. That is one valid reason, and there are still more reasons. Being overweight or obese increases the risk for plenty of diseases, most of them life-threatening, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, gastroesophageal acid reflux, sleep apnea, gallstones, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attack, stroke and cancer. Also, excess weight can be straining to the muscles and joints especially in the lower body. Because of excess weight, many daily activities – even walking around – become tiring after just a short time. Knowledge of these should be enough to motivate anyone to begin losing weight.

How can you reduce weight, then? Eating a proper diet and exercising regularly are the ways to do them. Proper diet involves fruits, vegetables and protein, as well as avoiding unhealthy foods (fatty foods and foods rich in refined sugars). At the beginning, eating a healthy diet can mean giving up some favorite foods that are unhealthy. To avoid monotony and boredom in dieting, it is important to have variations if your menu. It’s just like if you’re cooking vegetables, you’ll cook one type of vegetable today, and different types of vegetables for other days.

Exercise is also important to maintain calorie balance; intake of foods without using up energy can cause weight gain over time. Exercising can take many forms, but it is possible to lose weight over time as long as one maintains a regular exercise regimen every day.